15 Temmuz Sehitler Anadolu Lisesi

The school has been operating since 1993, as a foreign language high school. The name of the school was changed in
the school year 2008-2009 in 15 high school Temmuz Șehitler Anatolian. In 1997, the school began its education and
training activities in its current location. There are 24 classrooms, 3 laboratories, a meeting room, a library with a capacity of 2000 books, a computer room with a capacity of 30 computers, a gym, 2 guidance services. There are currently 691 students, 284 boys and 407 girls and 48 teachers. The school has a boarding school for girls, with a capacity of 210 seats, occupied by girls from the suburbs and from disadvantaged families. The opportunity to live in the dormitory offers them the opportunity to study in decent conditions and to finish high school. Our school has 5 floors and has a usable area of 21,500 square meters, of which the garden and the space of recreation is 18000 square meters. The high level academic activity is harmoniously intertwined with extracurricular activities: sports (football – boys and girls, volleyball, basketball, athletics, orienteering). The high school gym is used 24 hours/day, 7 days a week, both by high school students and by students from other schools, NGOs or other community institutions. Our students have won numerous awards in regional competitions. The school is also involved in local and regional artistic events. Among the local projects we mention Education for values, the Reading Club and a Comenius project, in 2008, Recognition of our culture through our dishes. Our project was selected as a Gold Star project by the National Agency. From 2013 to 2015, I was a partner in the project „Ways for Europe” coordinated by Germany.