Ecole Primaire Morne Lavaleur is a public school situated in Morne Lavaleur 97270 Saint-Esprit, Martinique, France and has 132 students. The school welcomes children in the classes of the fundamental learning cycle (CP, CE1, CE2) and the consolidation cycle (CM1, CM2), as well as in the Kindergarten classes for the first learning cycle (small section, middle section and large section of nursery school). The school offered 6 classes for a total of 132 students at the start of the 2021 school year, including 35 students in kindergarten class, and 97 students in primary class. 17 students are in CP. The CE1 has 17 students, 18 students are in CE2, the CM1 are 16 students and the CM2 25 students. At the start of the 2021 school year, the school did not welcome any children with disabilities as part of the ULIS system.

Promoting moral values, tolerance, responsibility, friendship are topics that teachers carry out with children of different ages – from 3 to 10 years. Taking into account the peculiarities of age, all activities take place in the form of a game: of responsibility, of compromise, puppet problems, etc. Children are encouraged to talk about their feelings, to express their opinion, to think critically. Teachers are familiar with elements of the RULER approach in the process of emotional literacy: Recognizing, Understanding, Labeling, Expresing, Regulaiting Emotions. The students of the school carry out charitable activities in partnership with the ELA Association, in order to prevent the negative effects of leukodystrophy. Although they are not part of REP or REP + (Priority Education Network), they do not have social inclusion classes, the school promotes the values of cooperative learning, understanding the difficulties faced by children, focusing on the needs of students. Digital technology is used all the time to ensure better differentiation in teaching, to promote interactivity, to stimulate the pleasure of learning, to reduce academic difficulties and to prevent early school leaving. Group activities are organized in different disciplines, the groups are heterogeneous and all classes respect the principles of heterogeneity. Teachers carry out coaching activities, peer to peer activities, to facilitate and/or strengthen the learning process and increase the commitment to school work. A constant concern of the French school is the achievement of a positive school climate, the fight against absenteeism, limiting delays, the school dropout prevention group, monitoring students at different risk situations. Cooperation with parents of students is done in various forms: parents come to school, talk to teachers in a specially designed space, or do learning activities (exhibitions, presentations, lectures), or organize together with teachers and school management open day , or open classroom, individual meetings with the family, etc. In the project, it will coordinate the activities of designing/making/evaluating emotional literacy materials for children aged 3-10 years, will make such materials, it will test and evaluate them.