Liceul Teoretic „Aurel Vlaicu”

The Aurel Vlaicu Theoretical High School offers education services in the fields of computer science, mathematics,
science and philology. It has a theoretical branch/science main field: mathematics – computer science (computer science intensive), mathematics – computer science (intensive English), mathematics – computer science, natural sciences (intensive English), natural sciences. The theoretical branch/human profile: philology. The number of students in the school year 2020 – 2021 is 594, of which 103 in high school. The school has 44 qualified teachers, of which more than half are of first grave ( the highest ), 3 have completed doctoral studies and 2 are in the process of completing their doctoral studies. 25 teachers have master’s degrees in fields relevant to education, 10 have acquired skills certified by continuing vocational training (CVT). The school contributes significantly to the formation and development of a wide range of skills required for enrollment in tertiary education in areas such as: computer science, mathematics, engineering, medicine, education, journalism, modern applied languages, finance-banking, etc. The school organizes Centers of Excellence in Computer Science, Mathematics and Astronomy. Our high school students participate in the National and International Olympiad in Computer Science, in modern language and physics Olympiads. At the international computer science competition we have a student from the ninth grade ranked on the first place; at the National Informatics Olympiad, the students won numerous prizes (1st place, gold medal in the 9th grade, silver in the 10th grade, bronze in the 10th and 12th grades). At the AcadNet Computer Network Design and Troubleshooting Contest, 12 students qualified for the national stage. Along with academic training, the school creates (in addition to the restrictions imposed by the pandemic) contexts for learning and developing students’ socio-emotional skills. Group activities with an emphasis on cooperation, the use of conflict as a learning opportunity, rewarding appropriate social behaviors, etc. Some of the school’s teachers (22%) took a SEL Lions Quest empowerment course and then worked with students; In the department of socio-human disciplines were organized model lessons with SEL theme (The effect of maladaptive cognitive patterns on adolescent behavior, „Social allergies”, „In search of the secret cave ” etc.) and teachers used this in activities in leadership classes. Within the ROSE project, we designed and carried out activities of self-knowledge and personal development, socio-emotional development of children at risk, cooperative learning workshops, critical thinking workshops, etc. The school has been running European projects since 2013 (Young Food Education, Creative Pedagogical Design for Successful Careers, Antibullying and Anti-Discrimination Strategies) in which it addresses various aspects of developing students’ life skills (healthy lifestyle, career education, harassment and cyber bullying). The school has partnerships with non-governmental organizations in the community that carry out social support activities (Residential Centers for the Elderly, Community Placement Center, St. Elizabeth’s Home) with the Public Social Assistance Service to support children from disadvantaged backgrounds , with organizations that care for community dogs.The Lions Palia and Leo Palia organizations, which volunteer at the community and regional levels, are mostly made up of teachers, students and parents of students from our school. Children, teachers and parents are involved in many volunteer activities (educational support for children with learning difficulties, support for children with autism, fundraising for children from economically disadvantaged families, etc.)